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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ıм נυƨт α ɢıяʟ ʟσƨт ıп мч σшп шσяʟɔ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ஜ αвσυт мσι ஜ тнσυɢнтѕ cнαʟʟεпɢεѕ cυтε ஜ мч ℓσ√ε ஜѕмıʟε ~ ʟıνε ~ ʟσνε

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the Miss HK winner is from Vancouver again…. the fact is that more Miss HK winners come from Vancouver than any other part of the world. I wonder why they have a preference for Vancouver girls. maybe they’re wealthier?

imo #11 and #12 were the prettiest, but #11 was more enthusiastic. I was reading some articles and many were surprised that #11 wasn’t even placed.

and the winner #15… looks the worst out of the other pageants. the winner from last year, Grace Chan, was the most obvious winner because she was not only most beautiful Miss HK, she also answered the questions really well (her major is Communications, after all). This year’s winner is also from Simon Fraser. She wasn’t shy, but she didn’t seem to demonstrate anything more than the other Miss HK pageants.

#9’s looks are above average, but she seemed conceited and her smile looks so forced…

#7 looks exactly like a “Katherine”. she has that ”cool” look, doesn’t smile much, and doesn’t look confident.

maybe it was because they changed the system to telling people to eliminate three candidates instead of voting for them and that confused people and ended up eliminating the best candidates? lol

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Fun facts about your sign here


Fun facts about your sign here

The HK show, Nowhere Girls, surprisingly left me with some positive messages (although there were quite a few negative ones in the show as well). They gave one of the girls the mission to tell other people to run a lap with her. Right after she read the mission, she thought it was impossible to convince people to do that. Of course, there were some people who said no. But there were much more people who said yes! Moral of the Story: There will always be some jerks in this world, but never let them get you down. It doesn’t matter what other people think, just keep doing what you do and your dream will come true :)

fuck tumblr. I was in the middle of typing a long ass post and the window decides to refresh the page and I LOST EVERYTHING. unless tumblr comes up with an auto-save, i’m never typing another post on here.

Honestly….I feel like our society, and especially the media, puts so much, too much, emphasis on romantic relationships. They like to make it mysterious, as if there’s so much about the other gender that we don’t already know about. Especially in our generation, we put way too much thought into the idea. They make it seem like it’s the best thing and gives you infinite happiness and strength. But really, having a boyfriend/girlfriend is more like choosing a best friend to spend the rest of your life with. It’s ridiculous when people think that when they’re not in a relationship or broke up with someone, it’s the end of the world. I also think the idea of “breaking up” is a little ridiculous as well. Like, why isn’t there a term for ending a friendship? It’s just another way for society to make romantic relationships more “special”, more “unique”. People make it such a big deal when someone starts a relationship. They get tons of “likes” when they announce it on facebook, and things like this spreads around in school. Moral of the Story: This generation is fucked.

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Book sculptures by Jodi Harvey-Brown

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